Art Direction
Swire HK Archive Services
Swire Taikoo
Majo Design
Editorial Design
It has never been easy to be representing history.The Swire Archive is a vessel which houses the history of this cross-cultured company.The Swire Archive is located on Shipyard lane, Quarry Bay and it was the location where the Swire had established their business in Hong Kong.The artifacts housed within the archive were key documents that served as the testimonies of the critical business decisions that the organisation had made: a great business was founded on decisions and turns, and blossomed over the test of time.
Design Concept
Over the design process, we learned about Swire’s unique business philosophy and its value: its fortitude, its visions and its courage to be venturing into the future. Representing these artistically was a challenge. Hints of metal were employed to represent the foundation which Swire five sectors of businesses(aviation, property, trading & industrial, agribusiness & food chain and maritime services)were built upon. A menagerie of memories(“The Wall of Photos”) summarized the highlights of the archive; looking like peep-holes into the treasure housed behind the safe wall. The rest of the archive is lined by keywords, key persons and key places that were memorable for Swire(“The Wall of Words”).