Website Design
Hong Kong Art Centre
UI/UX Design
The Incubator for Film and Visual Media in Asia is organised by Hong Kong Arts Centre. Since its establishment in 1995, it has been serving as a platform that promotes and encourages creative talents in Asia, making short films, videos, animation and interactive media. It organizes two events every year named the ifva Awards and ifva Festival.
Awards and Festival
The ifva Awards commends talented filmmakers in the field of short films, videos, animation and interactive media. It has five major categories, including 'Open', 'Youth', 'Animation', 'Interactive Media' and 'Asia New Force', where each category has three awards. The ifva Festival is held in March every year. It includes the award ceremony of the ifva Awards, live performances and media art exhibitions.
Design Concept
Echo with the fundamentals of light and shadow in cinematography, I designed a closing credits-liked scrolling with light sources as Opening Page of whole webiste. Light sources and colour will be varied according to the movement of cursor.Also, grainy background is being used in order to create a dusty and retro vibe. For the whole website. For the color of choice, I used a monotone colour scheme with Ifva branding colour and mix it up with darker variation of the same colour in the design for more depth and interest.