UI/UX Design
Gimi FInancial Superskills
UI/UX Design
Gimi, founded in Stockholm in 2015, strives to be the global leader in the development of educational fintech products for young people and their supporters. We do so by partnering with the decision-makers of the future, equipping them with Financial Superskills, so that they can make smarter financial decisions in the future, improving financial well-being for the next generation.
Societies becoming cashless, without offering alternative money management solutions for young people, has put the next generation’s financial well-being at stake. We use innovative technology, insights and the latest science to create an inclusive financial ecosystem that empowers the next generation to thrive in the next economy.
The card for children
When you’re ready for real money, it’s time for the Gimi Card. Shop online or in stores and track all activity in the app. The Gimi Card and Gimi Account are included in your subscription that is free from hidden fees
Smarter pocket money
Gimi helps families manage their everyday lives. Chores are rewarded, dreams are fulfilled and nobody needs to nag when you can schedule pocket money.
Learn for life
Cash is disappearing, it’s time to start managing digital money. Gimi bases the app’s design and content on research, learning about money should be both easy and fun! Backed by scientific research, the Gimi platform is based on theories of experiential & social learning, and features four fundamental principles to provide children with fun, efficient and effortless learning opportunities.