UI/UX Design
Ifvaeverywhere Gifyscope
Hong Kong Art Centre
Interactive Design
Immerse yourself as one of the objects in a wonderful animation, through the combination of new digital technologies and primitive physical principles of the phenakistoscope. By the spinning still elements on a disc -including an image just taken at the photo booth - the moving images will create an illusion of motion.Try that on a print-out or an animated GIF file that spins digitally.
cccdi has been invited to participate and create a digital work “Gifyscope” in the “New Works Commissioning Scheme” under Jockey Club ifva Everywhere, aiming to create new works themed around light and shadow play, exploring the infinite possibilities of media arts and share to public in the ifva Carnival at the Event Space of Hong Kong Observation Wheel, Central.
The phénakisticope (better known as phenakistiscope or the later misspelling phenakistoscope) was the first widespread animation device that created a fluid illusion of motion. The phenakistiscope is regarded as one of the first forms of moving media entertainment that paved the way for the future motion picture and film industry.[1] Like a GIF animation, it can only show a short continuous loop.
Social Engagement
In order to enhance the user engagement, we combined the ideas of phénakisticope and the animated GIF of photo booth. The interactive photo booth experience designed for event social engagement and marketing of the carnival. Booth will take 12 photos to create your moving GIF combining with designed graphics. User can share straight to Facebook and Instagram from our branded mini site.