UI/UX Design
Bank of East Asia
UI/UX Design
Managing money has never been simpler. The rapid development of emerging technologies is providing banking customers with incomparable speed, access and convenience. Here in Hong Kong, BEA has been blazing a trail in smart banking technology by introducing a succession of groundbreaking initiatives.
The great popularity of the BEA App in recent years reflects not only the widespread need for mobile banking services, but also the continual user-centric development of this awardwinning application. Besides providing traditional banking services, BEA is determined to further expand and enhance the BEA App to encompass customers’ daily lifestyle needs.
Better experience
The bank recently launched an entirely new level of mobile banking services in Hong Kong with a fresh revamp of the BEA App. The app’s new design is in step with the latest global trends and significantly enhances the user experience. Customers with BEA’s premium SupremeGold account have a choice of colour scheme for the new interface: classic red or prestige black/gold.
Lifestyle Platform
The app’s standout new signature feature, the iPlanner, is the first virtual hub of its kind in Hong Kong. Seamlessly integrating customers’ daytoday living with various kinds of financial transactions, the iPlanner has the capacity to provide customers with relevant recommendations and exclusive offers.
I-Spend in the BEA App allows you to have instant credit card overview anytime, anywhere. Users can check available credit limit, current balance, make payment, check latest 24 months e-Statement+, and other important statement information, including: Payment due date, Statement balance and Minimum payment due. Users can even check accumulated Bonus Points and redeem bonus points for gifts instantly.